9 Things to Bring on a Long-Haul Flight from Hell

We’ve seen incredible deals to Europe this year, plus bargains on other long-haul flights to destinations around the world; find one from your town on the Getaway Map. Of course, being stuck on a plane for hours and hours can be a devilishly painful experience, but we can help make it better with this list of 9 things to bring on a long-haul flight from hell.

1. The endless thermos

If you like coffee, you know the servings from the beverage cart are never big enough, and sometimes they’re not even free, not on those super-cheap airlines! Solution: Bring your own insulated mug or thermos and fill it up with airport coffee or ask the flight attendant to fill it up (they don’t have to do this so be sure to say please). Make sure the mug/thermos is empty before going through security, because of the liquid rule.

Tip: Not a coffee drinker? Use the thermos or an empty plastic bottle for water; just fill it up at an airport water refill station.

2. The electronics

Yes, people still forget to grab their electronics when they head out the door. Be sure to go through a mental checklist before you leave, for your phone, tablet, laptop, charger cord, portable charger, whatever you think you’ll need. Do not pack these items in a checked bag; put them in a carry-on bag or in your pockets.

Tip: Life will be easier if you make sure everything is charged before heading to the airport.



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