Duncan Aviation Increases Rental Turbine Engine Pool

Duncan Aviation increased its available pool of rental turbine engines by 33 percent to meet customer demand last year, the company announced this week. The pool includes rental engines for the Honeywell HTF7000, HTF7350, and TFE731 (-2C, -3, -5B, -20, -40, and -60).

According to Duncan Aviation’s manager of turbine engine services James Prater, the company’s growth in engine capabilities and authorizations has increased customer demand for engine services. Prater said that the engine pool and additional selection of rental engines provide customers with the rental engines they need to continue flying when their permanent engines are undergoing core zone inspections or overhauls.

Duncan Aviation’s turbine engine services have been evolving over the past three years. Working with Honeywell, the company was able to designate its Lincoln, Nebraska facility a Honeywell AS907/HTF7000 series minor maintenance facility in 2015. In 2016, the same location was named a TFE731 heavy service facility, allowing Duncan Aviation to complete core zone inspections and repairs there.

“The first few engines have performed well above maintenance manual requirements after their core zone inspections were completed in the Duncan Aviation facility,” Prater said.


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