Grandson of Mao Now a General in Chinese Red Army – Political Instability and Old Guard

Has China’s military changed in their way of thinking? Doubtful, and let me explain why. The other day I was reading a Rand Think Tank Report on China’s behavior in international diplomacy. It was a good 200 some pages, with lots of references; it was really a real nicely done piece of work. But I was amazed how much they danced around the reality of things, but failed to talk about Chinese military buildup, and went on and on about China’s business behavior, and search for resources.

Oh, they did go into the military aspect for a few pages but it was pretty much a brushed over. Indeed, it looked as if they were trying to convince the political leaders in the United States that China was just at its growing stages, and it needed resources, and it needs trading partners to sell its wares around the world. But, to negate or separate out China’s military build-up from all their other activities in the world is ludicrous.

Still, I guess it’s just something you’d expect from an academic, which got a job in a Santa Monica California think tank. In fact, not long after the report came out at the Rand Think Tank, the grandson of Mao, turned 39 years old, and he was promoted to general in the Chinese red Army, this is something that only happens for older folks and their army. And if he’s anything like his grandfather, or tries to follow in his footsteps we have a severe problem folks.

This kid is 39 years old and soon he will be moved up from general, and he will be running the entire Chinese Army. Currently, the Chinese Navy has more ships in the United States Navy, and their army is 1 million man standing army. I’m not sure how they feed them, clothe them, train them, and afford to build the weapons for them, but they do.

Apparently, the old Chinese guard is alive and well, and they have the grandson of Mao to grow their future. We are naive and stupid to underestimate the Chinese red Army and their intentions for the future. Please consider this.



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