Legacy 600 Avionics Upgrade Adds LCDs, FANS-1/A+

Duncan Aviation has completed the first installation of the Honeywell Primus Elite upgrade in an Embraer Legacy 600. The DU-875 LCD retrofit was completed as part of the project because the Legacy’s original CRT screens are no longer in production and have reached technological obsolescence. The Legacy owner, who is a long-time customer of Duncan Aviation Houston’s satellite avionics shop, is the launch customer for three new STCs covering the retrofit.

According to Duncan Aviation satellite manager Mark Winter, the service provider created a package with Honeywell to update the Legacy’s avionics, which prompted Duncan Aviation to create three new STCs. The project, along with the avionics installation team, was moved to the company’s Lincoln, Nebraska, repair facility because the Legacy owner chose to have the upgrade completed at the same time as a major inspection and a paint job.

The three STCs cover the DU-875 and Primus Elite upgrade, modifying the Honeywell FMZ-2000 FMS to FMZ-2010, and adding the Honeywell CMU MKIII. While the FMZ-2000 FMS to FMZ-2010 upgrade adds wide area augmentation system/localizer performance with vertical guidance (WAAS/LPV) capabilities, the Honeywell CMU MKIII upgrade brought the aircraft into compliance with the FANS-1/A+ requirements.


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