What is So Good About Stainless Steel?

There is so much more to stainless steel than the undeniable fact that is

stainless and is made of steel! The reason it became known as stainless is

because it is so resistant to corrosion. When stainless steel was invented in

early part of the last century it marked a major breakthrough in steel


There are many advantages that stainless steel has compared to ordinary steel



Depending on the alloy mix, stainless steel can resist corrosion from ambient

air, water and many chemicals, whether they be acid or alkaline. The amazing

thing about stainless steel is that the added chromium forms a kind of skin – a

protective layer on the surface – that prevents corrosion. Even if the surface

of is damaged, this layer naturally reforms over time, resuming its protective

role (as long as there is oxygen present).


Stainless steel is easy to clean. Because it is so resistant to corrosion the

surface is usually very smooth and shiny, with no dirt traps or water traps. As

there are no rough areas for dirt and germs to cling on to, few chemicals or

abrasive cleaning tools and cloths are required. In many cases a wipe with a

damp cloth is sufficient to clean a stainless steel surface.

High strength – Low Weight

Basic steel can be strong, but tends to be heavy. The relative strength and

toughness of stainless steel compared to its weight is far superior. This can be

vitally important in applications where these qualities are important (such as


Value for Money

Stainless steel costs more than ordinary steel. However, by taking into account

its extended lifetime, it can be far more cost effective. Products that include

stainless steel are often lifetime purchases, such as high class cutlery.

Good Looks

Very often the first choice when looks are important, stainless steel’s smooth,

shiny and clean appearance can greatly enhance most products.

100% Recyclable

Stainless steel can be recycled and will maintain its properties when formed

into a new product.

There are other benefits of stainless steel, depending on the grade used.

Generally, stainless steel is heat resistant and can withstand heavy impact.

Many of the qualities of stainless steel are found in other materials including

some plastics. However, there is no one material that has all the

attributes of stainless steel. This makes it unique. For instance, plastics will

not (usually) corrode, but they will melt at high temperature. Other metals (and

some plastics nowadays) can boast a good strength-to-weight ratio, but they

cannot be easily recycled nor do they look as good.

For an example of effective use for stainless steel, look no further than the

Insectocutor IP65 fly killer machine. It is strong and robust and will outlast

any equivalent product. It is easy to clean and looks great. A product such as

this exudes strength, performance and hygiene, which is what products such as

fly killers are all about – and what stainless steel is all about.



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